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“I found The Phantom Tollbooth to be one of those book that adults and teachers all love because it tells kids not to be lazy roustabouts and encourages them to pursue learning and wisdom.”

veryd0pe said: hey your blog is dope. have you ever heard of communist mutants from space on the 2600?



(Starpath - 1982)

I vaguely remember back when this came out, but unfortunately I was never able to convince my parents to buy me a Supercharger for my 2600.


How well do you know the difference between East/West Bowl player names and real NFL player names? Click here to find out.

HBO Is Making A ‘New, Four-Episode Comedy’ With Flight Of The Conchords | Uproxx




The ultra-rare Revenge of the Jedi poster with reversed lightsaber colors. Legendary.

Myers-Briggs Personality


I love the Myers-Briggs personality break down a lot. I’ve used it on myself and my husband and it pins us pretty well.

Want to know what you are? Take the test!

Main page for an in-depth view of the sixteen personalities.

I am a…

ISTJ - The Inspector


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